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Well, through perseverance and some help on one of the forums I frequent, I was able to get my FTP up and running (yay!). To see my “work in progress”, see: http://www.willowraven.artistsworld.org/main.html .

Right now I’m having some problems with trying to figure out something really basic. I have some links in a blog that redirect to another area on the web. I used html coding for my post. However no matter what I do, I cannot get the words to change color from the default color of blue to something else of my chosing. You see, the background is kinda dark, and the blue is hard to read against the darker background, so I was trying to lighten up the link colors. I managed to get the regular text of the post to change just fine – it is just the link color I can’t seem to change. I even changed the “link color” in my blog html to white (“FFFFFF”) and it still will not change it. Before I report it to the admin for the site, I just want to make sure that it is not something of my own doing, especially since I am NO expert at this. Makes sense? So if anyone out there is reading these, please feel free to leave me a message of assistance. It would be MOST appreciated!!

Thanks, and happy designing!!


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